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Donate and help support the WRC Safe Nights Program.

A primary reason survivors of intimate partner violence cannot free themselves from an abusive relationship is access to affordable housing and other financial resources.  WRC’s Economic Advocacy Project and Safe Housing Program address the many housing and economic needs that are directly linked to a survivor’s ability to escape the violence and stay out of an abusive relationship. This program prioritizes emergency safe housing for women, children, and men who are at high risk and must flee their homes to be safe. After addressing the immediate safety risks, WRC offers permanent housing options, including Transitional Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, Homeless Prevention, Rental Assistance, and Relocation Assistance.  WRC also works to provide financial assistance for a variety of needs including utilities, furnishings, food, transportation, identification documents, car repair, security system, lock changes, childcare, expenses, associated with advancing career and educational goals, and other costs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]